Well, when Holli came up with this I was a nervous wreck..but when I realized how easy she was making it for us I felt much more at peace. I was able to have a mixture of fun, light, silly, as well as deep, painful, and baring my heart and soul. The private messages I was receiving blew my mind…someone went to their first AA because of my live, someone finally began the healing process after the death of their daughter after watching my live, someone reached out for help after watching a live…while that was my favorite part…being able to help fellow women, moms, and military spouses…I also have 2 more ambassadors putting me at 6, and 8 more customers putting me around 45.

This needs to be done often. People want to connect with realness. Honesty. Vulnerability…and with Holi making it so easy it was so much less stressful or scary.

Nicole Gebhardt


A lot of us that follow Holli, are 1000% living Our Passion when we are building our businesses🔥 And there is a VERY THIN LINE to walk if you’re truly trying to Balance This Next Part👇👇👇

Trying to educate, at the same time not wanting to be a Billboard for Juice Plus, is my mission for social media. My audience needs to see the Life with Lupus that I have that is NOT keeping me down & confined to my home like so many😔 That is what I need to share but I know I need to educate too🤯 SO MANY have no clue what it is.. And I am DONE with cold messaging! Have any of you ever felt like this? 🤢 I have looked the last 2 years for any help that would get me to my next chapter Authentically🤩 After searching diligently through COUNTLESS programs from so called industry professionals to local ladies, I kept coming back to Holli.

So I finally took the leap and joined her “30-day Back To School” program once we made a personal connection, to me-
I feel you can’t just hire someone who thinks they can coach😳 Do Not Do That 🚩 SHOW ME YOUR SUCCESSES, then I may invest in you to help me-which in turn is an investment in myself.. WIN-WIN🌟

I followed each step to the “T” & TRUSTED the process (THIS IS KEY IF YOU WANT RESULTS) and my business has grown ever since.. this is NOT A COINCIDENCE-I DONT BELIEVE IN THEM.. so I just wanted to give this shoutout to Holli🙌 This could not have come at a better time!

Here’s to more Elevating Together and Becoming An Authentic Leader🥂

Brandi Steptoe

“You are a born leader, a true story inspiration to anyone who is around you, and the ability to discern these things is a major skill in leadership. It’s a privilege to know you, and I am grateful for you sharing your heart always.”

Sue Blackburn